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About Me

Over 5 years experience in the world of audiovisual production. Numerous internships and jobs have taken me many places, and for that I am thoroughly thankful. Until now, it never particularly struck me how important it is to get out there and ‘just film’.

Whether it is for a client or not: recording frequently is essential. Creation is a constant flow of new inspiration and energy. My secondary, yet equally important interest is music production. On my YouTube-channel KKOPPI I am building a database of my own musical (re)productions. 


5 years of experience in audiovisual production. I've studied the subject in media design school in Breda, The Netherlands. During my studies I acquired a big deal of essential knowledge: I followed intensive lessons and got busy in various internships, offered by big companies that helped me pave my way.


Pictures have always been a loyal companion to my video works. I take pictures where I believe films are not telling enough. That is possible. Even though my 'passion number one' is, and always will be films and documentaries, I surely would not survive without still images.


For several clients I have composed short tunes for their audiovisual end products. I also do my own music productions, spend hours with Logic Pro and learn about numerous new plug-ins.


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For various production styles. Either ambient background music, or short intro/outro tunes. You name it.


I record, produce and mix everything in my own studio. I have been busy with music production from a young age: I produced my first songs when I was thirteen.


I distribute the requested work directly on appropriate streaming services. Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, YouTube, again, you name it.

Contact Me

  • (0031) 639106325
  • Sweelinckstraat 37, Oosterhout NB

I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.

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